Shadow Calling

Shadow Work: a process of inner alchemy in which you bring those unwanted parts to the surface to purify, heal, and integrate into yourself.

This dream to create a conduit and spiritual amplifier, starts in the rainforest of Costa Rica during a gentle Yaje' journey. In this delicate vision state, guidance was granted to gather information on the void of light. Over the years, the dream manifested and a responsibility to offer our research to others. Darkness Retreats are popular all over the world. However, this is the first of its kind in the central United States.

Owner, Brian Cochran, has utilized every effort to build energetic silos. The Meditation Shelters are constructed of natural materials, concrete and steel, each weighing 30,000 lbs. and have direct earth contact on three walls. This is the ultimate grounding experience.

Experience an environment created to optimize your meditation. Here you will find true transformation and connection to a higher power.

A Dark Retreat is Calling

Meditation Shelter stays for 1/3/5/7 nights. All inclusive with local raw vegan meals.

-only after a stay of 7 nights can one apply for a longer journey-

one night reality reboot


three night resurrection


five night fifth dimension


seven night source surrender


Reservation Links: After completing the Darkness Application, Click the link below to secure your space and desired shelter.

Three Meditation Shelters

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All shelters built the same but will call you to them very differently. Feel into the energy of each before choosing. Day Trips are booked in available shelters and are the perfect way to see how powerful this technology truly is.

Brian Cochran is a BBTRS breathwork practitioner. There are many different styles of breathwork and I believe this one to be the most pivotal. Breathwork and Darkness are complementary technologies. A strong Breathwork awareness is so to have the most impactful Darkness journey.

Please Visit our partnered nonprofit Darkness Enlighten to sponsor a stay for someone that can not cover costs or just make a donation to keep our community outreach Reaching!! Darkness Enlighten